Wednesday, October 6, 2010


How are we going to participate and have an impact through the localised e-conference format?

I thought I would share some ideas about how we can have a meaningful conversation during the conference. I'd like feedback and other ideas during this pre-conference period.

We will set up this blog with streams of discussion that arise during the conference. We have packed the programme with speakers and we've covered so many angles of life. We are keeping the talks very short, just to give the basic information about what people are doing. But there are pretty big risks if we open up the floor to quesitons and discussion from 5 remote locations!

The idea is to use the blog, and to hand out sticky notes at the different locations. People can write as many questions or comments as they like and post them on a discussion wall. A local volunteer will keep an eye on this and bring together some of the key questions or threads of conversation and present this back to the national discussion.

What do you think of this? Would you like to volunteer to be a local voice?


  1. All the best for the conference, unfortunately I'm unable to attend but am looking forward with interest to info that flows from it whether via this blog or elsewhere.
    Alexander Wright. Wellington

  2. Thanks Alexander. The conference is now available for viewing from the conference website. Many attendees said they would want to watch some of the presentations over again as the diversity of the aspects of emerging sustainability was so great, they were having a hard time keeping up. My son Kyan spent quite a few hours putting the video presentations together, so I hope a lot of people watch.