Monday, October 4, 2010

Six Weeks till Signs of Change

Signs of Change National e-Conference 15-16 November 2010

We are now six weeks away from the big event! It's all coming together. Pip and Shannon are working hard with Nathan to make sure all the venues are all hooked up and ready for action. Pip is processing registrations as fast as she can. More than 55 potential speakers have put forward their signs of change, and unfortunately we had to choose just 40 for the two-days. Just 40? That's huge!

The original idea of the Signs of Change conference is working out so far. We have prominent academics at each of the participating cities who are helping us do the local organising. We have exciting keynote speakers from each major area of society:
Energy, Transport, Society, Agriculture, Waste Management, Business, Governance.
We have numerous people who are actually doing things in a new and prosperous way right across the spectrum of society, including health care, youth, mental health, environmental protection and restoration, organic wine...

I can't wait to hear all about this stuff!

And yes, the idea of having people take a few days off of the "business-as-usual" to discuss with others, learn from others, and participate in a national conversation of vital imporance... that is working out well too.

Now, the final issue, and I am holding my breath here -

If you build it - will they come? We need enough participation to really make it feel like a conference at each location. Can we do it? I have worked so hard to keep the costs as low as possible so that everyone can participate. I have some funds to help with the registration fee for anyone who really wants to come but might be feeling strapped. But now we need all those people from all walks of life to get together to experience this amazing event.

Would you come?

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